…and now for some actual knitting content

22 01 2008

I have decided that it was about time I knitted myself a sweater. But it couldn’t be just any pattern. Mainly because there were too many things I didn’t like about every pattern I found that didn’t cost money.

So I’m making one up.

Based on the structure of Kyoto by Karen Stockton, but that’s just about where the similarities end. Rather than being 2 colors, I’m going for a solid color and loads of texture. Just in case I change my mind about the colors, I’m using an undyed wool, so later if I decide I want color, I can just dye the finished bits.

Pictures once I get enough done that you can tell something’s happened. 😉

Oh, and here I am on Ravelry.


Another knitblog?

22 01 2008

Yes, another knitblog.

Yes, I have a personal blog, on LiveJournal, that I’ve had for eons, or at least since before it was so cool that everybody had one. I won’t be abandoning that one, but I will probably no longer be posting any of my knitting adventures there, instead putting them on this dedicated blog. This has the advantages of not bothering my LJ friends with so much knitting that they don’t care about, as well as giving my knitting friends a blog to read that doesn’t contain all the non-knitting stuff they might not want to read.

So yes, another knitblog. Take that as you will.