26 01 2008

The other day I wandered over to The Woolie Ewe, intending to pick up some stitch markers, blocking pins, and a new measuring tape. Well, I didn’t find a measuring tape I liked, but I did pick up some nice stitch markers and blocking pins…

And of course I had to get some yarn.

I ended up with one hank of Farmhouse Yarns Lumpy Bumpy Yarn by Charlene (99% merino, 1% nylon) in Faded Glory (I swear that’s what the tag says. Looks similar to “Old Glory” on that page).

And here’s what I did with it: (click images for bigger)

Impulse Hat! Madge from Spring 2006 Knitty

Cheat’s Fingerless Gloves

Left Impulse Mitt!

Right Impulse Mitt!

That first image has the most accurate color. Yes, the left is in reverse stockinette while the right is in regular stockinette. The yarn is so whimsical it rubbed off on me. 😉 But if I decide that’s too much, I can always turn it inside out. that’s the beauty of it.

And of course these projects are both posted on My Ravelry Projects page so you can comment on them there if you like.




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